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Sharen-Lee McLachlan

About Me


I have a passion for art!


Ten years ago I made the decision to do an airbrush course and nothing has been the same since. Since my first course, I have completed many others to refine my skills and am now so passionate that I have a studio on the Gold Coast where I can not only do my own artworks, but I can also do beautiful commissioned works.


I still love to paint in all mediums but love the effect that airbrushing gives my art.


Once my courses were over, I found that people were approaching me to create pieces from photos of their pets and loved ones. This led to AWAMO approaching me to do specifiic pieces in celebration of animals service during wartime throughout the eras.


I cannot wait to see where this journey leads me - as my sister & I chase our artistic dreams.


I look forward to sharing the journey with you.....

0412 217 412

Sharen-Lee Artist

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